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Unique Senior Care Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response

Care during the coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are still continuing to provide outstanding care to all our clients. We are also supporting new clients during this time, if you or a loved one need care at home, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help on tel: 01789 204040

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Policy – updated July 2021

We want to inform all of our clients, and their families and loved ones, about our response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, and reassure you that there will be no changes to the service that you or they receive, and that keeping our clients safe and well remains our number one concern.

In order to achieve this, we have introduced a number of measures and procedures across the company and we continue to appraise the Government’s guidance on delivering home care during this time, to ensure the safety of both our clients and our key worker caregivers.

The measures and procedures include operating with best practises in the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), social distancing and robust infection control and hygiene measures which our caregivers are strictly following.

Our actions, (as of 19/07/2021) include;

Staff Health and Self-isolation

Staff who are unwell with suspected Covid-19 or who have come into contact with an infected individual or who share a household with someone who is unwell should not come to work but must comply with the latest Government advice about self-isolating themselves in their home. People should self-isolate irrespective of whether or not they are vaccinated against Covid-19. Those who are contacted by NHS Test and Trace must follow isolation guidance provided by contact tracers.

Unique Senior Care staff who develop symptoms of Covid-19 must:

  • not attend work if they develop symptoms while at home (off-duty) — in such cases they should notify their line manager immediately and follow the stay at home guidance
  • put on a surgical face mask immediately if they develop symptoms while at work, inform their line manager and return home
  • comply with all requests for testing.

Unique Senior Care will take all reasonable measures to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus via its care staff, including:

  • ensuring that all staff are aware of the requirement not to come to work when there is a risk that they may spread infection
  • ensuring that staff are supported to self-isolate in line with Government guidance if they need to
  • ensuring, where possible, that members of staff work with only an identified cohort of clients.

Unique Senior Care is aware that the Government has provided an Infection Control Fund to support both residential and domiciliary adult social care providers in ensuring that self-isolating staff are fully paid while doing so. Unique Senior Care will liaise with the local authority in accessing the fund where it is available.

“High-risk” Individuals

At the start of the pandemic the NHS identified individuals who were considered to be “high risk” from Covid-19 due to pre-existing health conditions. These were described as “clinically extremely vulnerable” and advised to “shield” and take special precautions to protect themselves from the virus.

At the end of March 2021, the shielding scheme was paused as part of lockdown easing. From 19 July, Stage 4 of the lockdown easing roadmap, the Government advises that, at the very least, clinically extremely vulnerable people should follow the same guidance as everyone else. In addition, the Government suggests that individuals may choose to limit the close contact they have with those they do not usually meet, particularly when Covid-19 disease levels in the general community are high.

The Government webpage, Guidance on Shielding and Protecting People Defined on Medical Grounds as Extremely Vulnerable from COVID-19, has been kept updated as the pandemic has progressed. New guidance will apply for Stage 4 of the 2021 lockdown easing roadmap. See COVID-19: Guidance on Protecting People Defined on Medical Grounds as Extremely Vulnerable for more information.

Everyone on the Shielded Patient List should already have been offered a Covid-19 vaccine and will hopefully be fully vaccinated. Such individuals are also urged to access a booster vaccine in the autumn when available.

Unique Senior Care will comply with all applicable guidance to identify and protect individual clients and staff who are considered “high risk” from coronavirus. Unique Senior Care will work closely with GPs and healthcare providers and in collaboration with families and caregivers to ensure the safety of clients considered high-risk.

Care Planning and Referrals

During the pandemic crisis Unique Senior Care will keep client care plans under constant review to ensure that their needs are being met. It will also carry out full risk assessments in relation to any new referrals in order to ensure that the prospective clients and our staff are kept safe from cross infection of the coronavirus.

Vulnerable clients will be identified and plans will be put in place to ensure their safety. Unique Senior Care will work closely with relatives/caregivers and with care and health partners and charities/community support groups.

Infection control and prevention procedures

Unique Senior Care believes that general adherence to high standards of infection prevention and control is the best way to prevent the person-to-person spread of pathogens such as coronavirus and maximise the safely of staff, clients and their families. Unique Senior Care’s infection control policies and procedures will be implemented in full, especially those related to effective hand hygiene, sanitisation and environmental cleaning.

Registered managers and supervisory staff should make sure that people:

  • cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or their sleeve (not their hands) when they cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin immediately
  • wash their hands with soap and water regularly for 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser gel (at least 60% alcohol) if soap and water are not available
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • wear face coverings in enclosed situations particularly where two metre physical distancing is difficult to maintain and where the regulations make their wearing compulsory
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Staff should comply fully with hand sanitisation policies and procedures. Managers will ensure that policies are supported by the provision of appropriate resources such as hand sanitiser gels that contain at least 60% alcohol for home care staff.

The advice should be passed on to clients. It is important that care staff adhere to high standards of infection control practice while in clients’ homes and that they ask clients to do so too. Regular cleaning of frequently touched hard surfaces with a suitable disinfectant and cleanser should be carried out.

Covid-19 Public Health Restrictions

Unique Senior Care will comply fully with all official public health guidance and restrictions.

Throughout the pandemic period it has been the policy of Unique Senior Care to ensure that all public health messages, including those relating to staying home and social distancing, are passed on to staff, clients and relatives.

Management response

The Unique Senior Care Senior Leadership Team are focused on doing all we can to reduce the impact that the current situation has on our clients and employees.  This includes;

  • A member of the Senior Leadership Team has been appointed to coordinate all activity relating to the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • All Unique Senior Care office staff are working from home, apart from the Operations Teams who remain working from their offices whilst strictly observing infection control guidelines.
  • Regular communications with our staff teams.
  • Regular two-way communication with our local Public Health department, the NHS and Local Authority.
  • Sharing best practice developments with other care providers.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on tel: 01789 204040

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