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Co-owners of Unique Senior Care, Philip Wright-Howarth and Philip Maundrill founded the company based on personal experience. Both have, at some point, been responsible for a loved one in need of care. As a result, we ensure every member of our team shares the same ethos of putting ‘People, above all else’.

Philip Wright-Howarth’s sister has learning disabilities and he has been responsible for her care since his parents passed away. Additionally, Phil Maundrill has supported a loved one living with dementia. He had to face the challenge of managing her home support from miles away.

At Unique Senior Care we therefore have an intimate understanding of what quality care should look like. Most of all, we know the peace of mind this brings to family members, as well as the person being cared for. This has been a key driver throughout the business’ history and continues to determine all aspects of the work we do in Coventry, Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

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