Learning and Development

Our Caregivers come from all walks of life. While some have come through traditional care routes, we also have everything from former nurses and teachers through to stay-at-home mums and students. Learning and Development playes a key part in our overall company approach.

You don’t need to have experience, what’s more important is your attitude: our Caregivers are all passionate about ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and compassion. We carefully search and select only those people who demonstrate care, empathy, love and understanding of older people to join our team.

Our proprietary training programme gives them the expertise and skills they need to be able to provide a highly professional and quality care service. Everyone who applies to become a caregiver with us is screened and scrutinised for their suitability for the role.

Our bespoke training programme

Each new Caregiver is booked onto our bespoke three-day training programme. This has been specially designed to give people coming into the care sector without prior experience all the skills they need to work with clients with a broad range of needs, but it also serves as a beneficial recap session for those who already have experience. It lets us make sure that the high standard of care we expect our Caregivers to deliver is consistent across the board.

The programme is delivered by our dedicated in-house team to small groups of new starters, and covers a variety of different sessions, including:

  • The ageing process
  • Medication
  • Building relationships
  • Health and safety


We know that different people like to learn in different ways, so our training includes a range of learning techniques, from role plays and practical sessions through to group work and discussions.

Although much of the work our community Caregivers do requires lone working, there is always someone to turn to should they need help or advice. A senior member of the team is on call 24-hours a day, to offer support wherever it is required.

All of our Caregivers attend an annual half-day refresher course to ensure that we are consistently delivering the highest possible level of care and to ensure that they can carry out their jobs safely and confidently. This includes sessions on food hygiene, medication, relationship building and safe moving and handling.

Continuing professional development

Our Caregivers are encouraged to develop their skills throughout their career. We offer a variety of different opportunities for continuing learning and development, including:

  • Specialised dementia training – we offer the chance for our Caregivers to undergo specialised dementia care training, designed to help manage behaviours associated with the disease to enable them to better support clients and their families.
  • Opportunity to study for a diploma in health and social care – in partnership with Stratford College, our Caregivers have the chance to combine their work with study towards a qualification in health and social care.


Opportunities to move up within the company – many of our senior team members have worked their way through the company, starting in Caregiving roles before taking on additional responsibility.

Find out more about joining our team of Caregivers here.

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