Embracing Uniqueness: Navigating the World with Dyslexia

Dyslexia Awareness

As Dyslexia Awareness Week wraps up, we’ve spent some time reflecting on the personal stories that have been shared. This year’s theme, “Uniquely You”, has allowed us to dive into different experiences that are as special and unique as fingerprints.

One of these stories belongs to Nicola Culkeen, our Warwickshire Registered Manager. Nicola was diagnosed with dyslexia at 16. Before that, school was a struggle, especially subjects like spelling and maths. Without the right support, Nicola didn’t do as well in her exams and sometimes stayed away from school because of the pressure.

But everything started to turn around in college. Thanks to a helpful tutor, Nicola was tested for dyslexia. This discovery brought a mix of feelings – anger for not being supported earlier, but also relief in finally knowing why learning was a challenge.

Dyslexia affects how people read, write, and spell. In the UK, it touches the lives of about 10% of the population. But even though it’s common, there’s still a need for more awareness and understanding. That’s what Dyslexia Awareness Week is all about – spreading the word and offering support.

After her diagnosis, Nicola learned that her brain processed information differently. She describes it as having a broken bridge in her brain that she needs to fix a few times before information sticks. But it’s this unique way of learning that makes Nicola, well, Nicola.

In her current job, she’s surrounded by supportive colleagues and managers. They embrace each other’s differences and even have a good laugh about them. This positive environment makes a world of difference. Nicola’s experience has made her a keen observer, quick to spot the signs of dyslexia in her daughter and ensure she gets the right support from the start.

As this special week comes to an end, we’re reminded of how every person’s journey with dyslexia is their own, each with its unique challenges and victories. It’s these individual stories that highlight the diversity and strength of the dyslexic community.

The resources for supporting people with dyslexia are growing. We’re seeing more tailored support in schools, more understanding employers, and communities that rally together. It’s a sign that we’re stepping into an era where dyslexia is understood and supported.

So, in the spirit of Dyslexia Awareness Week, let’s celebrate every unique story. Nicola’s experience, filled with its ups and downs, showcases the resilience and adaptability of those living with dyslexia. It’s a reminder that our different paths and experiences are not just welcomed but are worth celebrating.

The stories shared this week, each distinct and personal, combine to paint a larger picture of the diversity and resilience that defines the dyslexic community. As we move forward, let’s carry the spirit of “Uniquely You” with us, celebrating the individual journeys that make our community so rich and diverse. Every story, every experience, adds something valuable to the mix.

Thanks to Nicola, and to everyone who has opened up about their journey this week. Your stories are not just heard; they’re celebrated.

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