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What is Live-in Care and How Does it Work?

Live-in care is when a dedicated carer lives in your home, offering constant support. This service is ideal for those who prefer the comfort of their own home but require continuous care, making it an appealing alternative to traditional care homes. Live-in care ensures personalised support without having to leave your familiar surroundings.

This page gives you an in-depth look at live-in care in Berkshire to help you make an informed decision. You'll discover everything from the roles of live-in carers to the costs involved in providing this type of care.

You'll also find guidance on deciding if 24-hour live-in care suits your needs, along with tips on choosing the best care service. Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information to find the best possible care for your loved one.

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Is 24-Hour Live-In Care Suitable for My Loved One?

24-hour live-in care is ideal for those who need daily support but want to stay in their own homes. It's especially good for people with ongoing health issues or mobility problems. It also suits those who value consistent companionship and daily help.

This kind of care means your loved one can keep living their life in a place they're familiar with and comfortable in.

We provide Live-in Care across the whole of Berkshire including:













We provide Live-in Care across the whole of Berkshire including:













Understanding Live-In Care Costs in Berkshire

Costs of Live-In Care

The cost of live in care in Berks can vary depending on the individual’s care needs and the expertise of the care team.

At Unique Senior Care, our rates are set to ensure quality and individualised care:

For Individuals: Our weekly rate for a single person's care is £1,680, including comprehensive, personalised support.

For Couples: A dual-care package costs £1,995 per week, providing shared care and assistance to both individuals.

Why Can Costs Vary?

Factors affecting live-in care pricing include:

  • Geographical Location: Prices can vary based on the region you live in.
  • Extent of Care Needed: Specialised care for complex conditions may incur a higher cost.
  • Choice of Provider: A care company which is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), like us, will typically have higher pricing due to the stringent level of care and service management involved.

Funding Live-In Care in Berkshire

There are various ways to fund live-in care services:

  • Self-Funding: Direct payment for services by the individual or their family.
  • Local Authority Support: Contributions may be available based on financial situation and care needs.
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare: Covers all care costs for those with significant medical needs.
  • Benefits for additional support:
  • Attendance Allowance: A benefit for those above State Pension age needing help due to illness or disability, offering weekly financial support.
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP): For individuals aged 16 to State Pension age with long-term health conditions or disabilities, contributing towards additional costs.

Understanding the different options and their eligibility criteria is key to finding the most suitable funding method for your circumstances.

Meet your Live-In Care Manager for Berkshire

Live-In Care Manager For Berkshire

Clare Zinzan, our dedicated Care Manager for Berkshire, joined Unique Senior Care in November after beginning her career in the care sector in 2016.

Inspired by her personal experience with her father's dementia, Clare is passionate about enabling clients to stay in their homes and live independently. Her responsibilities include ensuring clients achieve their best possible outcomes and empowering them to make their own choices.

Outside of work, Clare enjoys spending time with her family, including her two granddaughters, and enjoying hobbies like paddleboarding and gardening. Clare's approach to care is deeply influenced by her own experiences, focusing on individuality and empowerment in elder care.

Clare is supported by a dedicated senior team all equally as passionate about providing the best possible care and service for our clients.

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What Makes Unique Senior Care Different?

You can be assured that we have an absolute focus on providing the very highest quality, person-centred Live-in Care for our clients in and around Berkshire.

As a provider of regulated care services, you can be confident in the knowledge that we are fully registered and compliant with the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) regulations.

We are one of only 4% of home care providers in England to have been awarded an Outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Our award-winning service is based on personal experience and ensuring we always put ‘people above all else’

We are regularly recognised as providing industry leading training to our colleagues

Our services are personalised and tailored to your needs with the aim of allowing you to remain living independently in your own home

You will receive a service that is Well-led, Safe, Caring, Responsive and Effective

All of our Caregivers are directly employed

We only recruit the best (our application to hire rate is 1 from 100) and all our Caregivers must pass our ‘Mum Test’ i.e. we would allow them to look after our own loved ones

Clients and their families have rated us in 2023 as one of the Top 20 homecare providers in England

Your 100% satisfaction is our aim – if you think we need to do better, please let us know

Our standards are uncompromising, and we are very proud of our reputation for providing an outstanding service

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Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Live-In Carer in Berkshire

Live-in carers offer much more than just caregiving services. They become companions, providing both emotional and practical support, greatly enhancing the daily lives of those they care for.

Personal Care: Assisting with grooming, bathing, and dressing tasks.

Medication Management: Ensuring timely medication administration.

Meal Preparation: Cooking nutritious meals which are tailored to specific dietary needs.

Housekeeping: Maintaining a clean and orderly living environment.

Companionship: Providing emotional support and a friendly ear.

Mobility Support: Helping with movement inside and outside the home.

Encouraging Activities: Assisting and motivating participation in hobbies and social events.

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Ensuring Compatibility Between Carer and Client

It's essential to ensure our Caregivers and clients are well-matched. This can be based on things personality, interests, and preferences. This compatibility is central to our approach at Unique Senior Care, helping us build relationships that are mutually beneficial. It’s key to ensuring the best outcome for our clients, ensuring they feel comfortable and at ease with their carer.

"I have had Unique carers for almost two years and always found them to be kind, caring, thoughtful, on time and willing to do extra jobs around the house. They take special care of my personal needs and care as I am wheelchair-bound now after a leg amputation. I would recommend them above any other 
agencies I have had, although there have been staffing issues/problems at times. They endeavour to send someone who I know. I feel very lucky to be able to have Unique Care." - AB, (via homecare.co.uk reviews)

Why Choose Live In Care in Berkshire

Live-in care is an excellent option for those who need regular support but want to stay in the place they know and love. With live-in care, your loved one can continue to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Berkshire countryside, the vibrant town life of Reading, or the historic charm of Windsor, all while living comfortably in their own home.

Benefits of Home Care in Berkshire

Having a live-in carer available around the clock brings several key advantages, enhancing the quality of life and supporting independent living:

Tailored Care: Care plans are specifically created to match individual needs, ensuring each person's preferences and daily habits are catered for.

Constant Support: Continuous care ensures safety and offers peace of mind, not just for clients, but also for their families.

 Promoting Independence: The focus is on allowing individuals to live in their homes, fostering a sense of autonomy and comfort.

Adaptive Care: The care provided adjusts as needs change, ensuring it remains suitable and effective.

Engaging Families: Families are involved in care planning, improving communication and understanding.

Affordability: This option can be more cost-effective than residential care facilities, while still maintaining high care standards.

Comfort of Home: Staying in familiar surroundings can greatly alleviate stress and anxiety.

Enhanced Living Standards: The aim is to elevate the standard of living through dedicated, personalised attention.

Health Supervision: Regular monitoring of health conditions enables timely adjustments to care plans when needed.

How to Find the Right Live-In Care Service in Berkshire?

Finding the best live-in care service in Berkshire requires thorough research. Whether you're in the historic town of Windsor or the picturesque village of Pangbourne, there are several key factors to consider.

Carer and lady client both doing a puzzle together in the what to look for section of the Berkshire 24 hour live in care page.

What to Look for in a Live In Care Provider?

By considering these factors, you can find a live-in care service in Berkshire that ensures your loved one receives the best possible care while staying in the place they know and love.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Live-in Care Agency

When considering a live in care company, you might inquire about:

The provider's live-in care experience and carer qualifications.

Their approach to matching carers with clients and managing emergencies.

Policies on feedback, complaints, and the fee structure for live-in care

Older couple and a care manager sat at table and diplayed in the questions to ask section of the live-in care Berkshire page
Unique carer and elder lady client standing together with a freshly baked cake - displayed in factors for consideration section of the Berks live in caring page

Factors to Consider When Exploring Live in Care Services in Berkshire

When choosing live-in care in Berkshire, think about:

The variety of care services available and if they suit your needs.

The training and experience of the carers, and the reputation of the agency.

How the cost fits with your budget.

Looking at reviews and getting personal recommendations for more information

Training and Qualifications of a Live In Carer in Berkshire

At Unique Senior Care, our rigorous selection process ensures the highest quality care for our clients. We hire only one in every 80 applicants, guaranteeing that each live-in Caregiver not only has at least a year's experience but also embodies the dedication and expertise we expect.

Unique Senior Care Centre Of Excellence Award from Skills For Care - Logo
  • Thorough Training: Our Caregivers receive thorough training in areas like dementia care, first aid, and medication management.
  • Continuous Development: We commit to continuous professional development, keeping our care staff up to date with the latest care methods.
  • Recognised for Excellence: Our approach to training is award-winning. We received the Princess Royal Training Award in 2021 and, in 2022, were recognised as a Centre of Excellence by Skills for Care.

What is the Difference Between Live-In Home Care Services and Residential Care?

When considering 24-hour care in your own home versus residential care, understanding their differences is crucial for making an informed choice that suits your family’s individual circumstances.

Provided in the individual's own home. Provided in a residential setting, often with private living spaces.
Personalised one-on-one assistance to help them live comfortably. Group-oriented, offering communal activities for interaction.
Supports personal independence and daily routines. Encourages a semi-independent lifestyle in a community setting.
Familiar environment enhances emotional well-being. Adjustment to a new shared environment is involved.
Direct family involvement in care and decisions. Structured family involvement, generally with set visiting schedules.

How 24-Hour Live-in Care works


We carefully identify the right carer for you.


You remain in the comfort of your own home.


Your carer will help with getting out and about.


You benefit from around the clock support.


As much or little care as you require.


Your family and friends visit as before.


Our carer becomes more like a friend.


You provide a bedroom for the carer to rest and sleep.

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What Care Services are Offered in Berkshire?

Aside from living at home with you, there are various other care options available, each offering unique benefits to cater to different needs. Understanding the benefits of each is key to making a well-informed decision so you know you or your loved one is receiving the best possible care.

Types of Care Services Offered in Berkshire

  • Domiciliary Care Packages: These personalised care solutions are provided in the comfort and familiarity of your home, ensuring a sense of continuity and ease.
  • Day Care: Ideal for those who need daytime support, these services offer engaging activities and social interaction in the day, while the individual continues to reside at home.
  • Residential Care: For more constant care needs, residential care homes offer comprehensive support in a shared living environment.
  • Specialised Care: Catering to specific conditions such as dementia or palliative care, these services are tailored to meet individual health requirements.

Navigating Live-In Home Care Services in Berkshire

How to Arrange a Quality Care Service in Berks

Arranging quality live-in care involves several important steps to ensure the care aligns perfectly with individual needs:

  • 1

    Initial Contact:

    Start by reaching out to a reputable and experienced care company. At Unique Senior Care, our client services team is on hand to discuss your care requirements.

  • 2

    In-Depth Consultation:

    Our care manager will then meet with you to get a detailed understanding of your specific needs. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have at this stage.

  • 3

    Matching Process:

    Following this, we’ll find a dedicated care professional whose personality and skills are perfectly aligned with your requirements.

  • 4

    Personalised Care Plan:

    A tailored care plan is created based on the details gathered during the consultation to ensure your loved one receives the best live in care.

  • 5

    Final Steps:

    A home visit finalises everything, followed by introducing the chosen Caregiver who will start their care duties while you continue to live in the comfort of your own home.

What is the Role of a Care Agency in Live-in Care at Home?

When you choose a live-in care provider regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), you're opting for a thorough and professional management approach. This includes:

Staff Recruitment and Management: Rigorous selection and continuous training of carers to uphold high care standards for clients in Berkshire.

Quality Monitoring and Care Assessments: Regular checks to ensure the care provided meets both client needs and regulatory standards.

Administrative Management: Handling all aspects of care coordination, including scheduling and financial management

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Adherence to CQC guidelines ensures high standards in care delivery, safety, and overall service.

Emergency and Contingency Planning: Preparedness for emergency care, guaranteeing uninterrupted care under all circumstances.

"We were looking for live-in care for my mother and were delighted to find Unique Senior Care. From the first conversation on the phone to subsequent communications, I have found the staff to be incredibly helpful, friendly, understanding and clear in terms of the service provided. Our first meeting with the live-in care manager was a lovely experience and helped to reassure my mum about arrangements.

Most importantly, having just finished the first two weeks of live-in care, we could not have asked for more from a caregiver, who has taken wonderful care of my mum, cooking her nutritious meals, making sure she is clean, comfortable and safe and providing excellent company. It feels such a relief to know that my mum is in good hands while also able to stay in her home. Thank you, Unique Senior Care." - PS, (via Homecare.co.uk reviews)

Making the right choice for live-in home care is important for you and your family's peace of mind. You want assurance that your loved one receives personal, high-quality care.

We're here to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us to for any advice on home care services in Berkshire or to discuss the whether this might be the right long-term care option for you.

Local Resources for Support in Berkshire

Explore these essential local resources in Berkshire for additional support, advice, and community connections relevant to live-in care and beyond.

  • Age UK Berkshire: Offers a range of services for older people, including information and advice, befriending services, social activities, and practical assistance to help maintain independence.
  • Alzheimer's Society - Find Support Near You: Provides support for individuals and families affected by dementia, including personalised advice, support groups, and access to dementia advisors through their Dementia Connect service.
  • Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust - Carers Support: Offers a variety of support services for carers, including information on carers' assessments, support groups, and resources to help manage the physical, mental, and emotional needs of carers.
  • NHS Talking Therapies Berkshire: Provides emotional and practical support for carers, including access to carers' assessments and advice on managing stress and improving well-being.
  • Reading and West Berkshire Carers Partnership: Delivers a wide range of services for carers, including information and advice, social groups, carer's assessments, and help with accessing benefits and other support services.
  • West Berkshire Council - Carer Support: Supports carers with information, advice, and practical help, including respite care and emergency planning.
  • Berkshire Care Services Directory: A comprehensive directory offering information on care and support services in Berkshire, including care homes, home care services, and local support groups.

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