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What is Live-in Care and How Does it Work?

Live in care involves having a professional Caregiver live in your home to provide continuous support. This type of care is beneficial as it allows individuals to stay in their own home while receiving the care and support they need to live well. For many, it's the perfect alternative to moving into a residential care home. 

This page gives you an in-depth look at live-in care in Dorset to help you make an informed decision. You'll discover everything from the roles of live-in carers to the costs involved in providing this type of care.

You'll also find guidance on deciding if 24-hour live-in care suits your needs, along with tips on choosing the best care service. Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information to find the best possible care for your loved one.

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Is 24-Hour Live-In Care Suitable for My Loved One?

24 hour live in care is suitable for individuals who require regular assistance but prefer to stay in their own home. It is particularly beneficial for those with chronic health conditions, mobility issues, or individuals who need regular companionship and support with everyday tasks.

This type of care provides a compassionate solution which allows your loved one to maintain their lifestyle in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

We provide Live-in Care across the whole of Dorset including:












Wimborne Minster

We provide Live-in Care across the whole of Dorset including:












Wimborne Minster

Understanding Live-In Care Costs in Dorset

Live-in care offers a desirable option for those wishing to remain in their familiar home environment while receiving needed support. The costs for live-in care vary, reflecting factors like care needs, provider experience, and location.

Costs of Live-In Care

In Dorset, the weekly cost for live-in care can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity or care and provider expertise.

At Unique Senior Care, we offer transparent pricing for care tailored to your needs:

For Individuals: Our weekly rate for a single person's care is £1,680, including comprehensive, personalised support.

For Couples: A dual-care package costs £1,995 per week, providing shared care and assistance to both individuals.

Why Costs Vary

The variation in costs can be influenced by:

  • Location: Costs may differ across regions.
  • Care Level: More specialised care, such as for complex health conditions, often incurs higher costs.
  • Regulated vs Unregulated Providers: Regulated providers like us, overseen by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), usually have higher rates due to stricter standards and comprehensive care management.

Funding Options

Funding for live-in care can come from different sources:

  • Private Pay: Care services funded directly by the individual or their family.
  • Social Care Support: Local authority contributions, based on eligibility and financial assessments.
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare: Fully funded care for those with complex medical needs, covering all care costs.
  • Benefits for Additional Support:
    • Attendance Allowance: A non-means-tested benefit for those over State Pension age who need help due to illness or disability. It provides weekly payments to assist with extra costs.
    • Personal Independence Payment (PIP): Available for individuals aged 16 to State Pension age, this helps cover some costs associated with long-term illness or disability.

It's essential to explore these options to understand which is most suitable for your situation, considering both eligibility criteria and the specific needs of the care recipient.

Meet your Live-In Care Manager for Dorset

Live-In Care Manager For Dorset

Claire Zinzan, our dedicated Care Manager for Dorset, joined Unique Senior Care in November after beginning her career in the care sector in 2016.

Inspired by her personal experience with her father's dementia, Claire is passionate about enabling clients to stay in their homes and live independently. Her responsibilities include ensuring clients achieve their best possible outcomes and empowering them to make their own choices.

Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time with her family, including her two granddaughters, and enjoying hobbies like paddleboarding and gardening. Claire's approach to care is deeply influenced by her own experiences, focusing on individuality and empowerment in elder care.

Claire is supported by a dedicated senior team who are all equally as passionate about providing exceptional care and enabling clients to live well throughout their older years.

Clare is supported by a dedicated senior team all equally as passionate about providing the best possible care and service for our clients.

What Makes Unique Senior Care Different?

You can be assured that we have an absolute focus on providing the very highest quality, person-centred Live-in Care for our clients in and around Dorset.

As a provider of regulated care services, you can be confident in the knowledge that we are fully registered and compliant with the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) regulations.

We are one of only 4% of home care providers in England to have been awarded an Outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Our award-winning service is based on personal experience and ensuring we always put ‘people above all else’

We are regularly recognised as providing industry leading training to our colleagues

Our services are personalised and tailored to your needs with the aim of allowing you to remain living independently in your own home

You will receive a service that is Well-led, Safe, Caring, Responsive and Effective

All of our Caregivers are directly employed

We only recruit the best (our application to hire rate is 1 from 100) and all our Caregivers must pass our ‘Mum Test’ i.e. we would allow them to look after our own loved ones

Clients and their families have rated us in 2023 as one of the Top 20 homecare providers in England

Your 100% satisfaction is our aim – if you think we need to do better, please let us know

Our standards are uncompromising, and we are very proud of our reputation for providing an outstanding service

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Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Live-In Carer in Dorset

A live-in carer becomes much more than just a Caregiver. They are companions, supporters, and integral parts of their clients' lives.

The physical, emotional and social support they provide offers a sense of safety and comfort which transforms daily living into a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Personal Care Assistance: Helping with grooming, bathing, and dressing.

Medication Management: Ensuring timely and correct medication administration.

Meal Preparation: Cooking nutritious meals according to dietary needs and preferences.

Light Housekeeping: Keeping the living environment clean and orderly.

Companionship and Emotional Support: Offering a listening ear and a friendly conversation.

Mobility Assistance: Aiding with movement around the home and outside.

Activity Facilitation: Encouraging and assisting with hobbies and social outings.

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Ensuring Compatibility Between Carer and Client

Ensuring a good match between the Caregiver and the client is crucial. At Unique Senior Care, we focus on aligning personality traits, interests, and preferences to help foster a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship. This is key to providing the best care experience and ensuring that clients feel comfortable and at ease with their carers.

I cannot praise the staff of Unique Senior Care highly enough. Staff each go above and beyond to look after my elderly mum and do whatever they can to keep her safe, happy and comfortable. I would have absolutely no hesitation in saying having them help us has had a hugely positive effect for us as 
a family. A heartfelt thank you to them. - DL, (Daughter of a client)

Why Choose Live In Care in Dorset?

In Dorset, live-in care is an ideal choice for those in need of continuous support but who want to stay in their beloved home. With this type of care, your loved one can still enjoy the stunning coastline views of Poole, the historic streets of Dorchester, or the lively atmosphere of Bournemouth. All the while, they'll be comfortable and cared for in their own home

Benefits of Home Care in Dorset

Round-the-clock assistance from a trained carer offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your loved one's quality of life and allow them to continue to live independently.

Personalised Care: Customised care plans that align perfectly with individual needs, preferences, and daily routines.

Continuous Support: Providing round-the-clock assistance, ensuring safety and giving peace of mind to both clients and their families.

Maintaining Independence: Empowering individuals to stay in the familiar environment of their homes, fostering independence and comfort.

Flexibility: Adapting seamlessly to changing needs and circumstances, ensuring the one-to-one care is always relevant and effective.

Family Involvement: Encouraging families to stay closely involved in care decisions, fostering better communication and understanding.

Cost-Effective: Often a more affordable option than care in a residential facility, without compromising on the quality of care.

Familiar Surroundings: The comfort of staying in a known environment significantly reduces stress and anxiety.

Improved Quality of Life: Focusing on a higher standard of living with personalised, attentive round-the-clock care.

Health Monitoring: Ongoing observation and management of health conditions, ensuring timely interventions and care adjustments.

How to Find the Right Live-in Care Service in Dorset?

Finding the right live-in care service in Dorset requires some careful consideration. Whether you're near the stunning Jurassic Coast or in the historic market towns like Shaftesbury, the right agency can make all the difference.

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What to Look for in a Live In Care Provider?

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Live-in Care Agency

When exploring a live in care company, consider asking:

About their experience in live-in care and the qualifications of their carers.

How they match carers with clients and handle emergency care situations.

About their policies for feedback, complaints, and their fee structure.

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Caregiver assisting client with cake baking - in factors to consider about live in care in dorset section/page.

Factors to Consider When Exploring Live in Care Services in Dorset

When selecting a live in care service in the Dorset area, important considerations include:

The range of services offered and how they align with your needs.

The qualifications of the carers and the agency’s overall reputation.

The cost of the service and how it fits with your budget.

Personal recommendations and reviews which can offer additional insights.

Training and Qualifications of Live-in Carers in Dorset

At Unique Senior Care, we're highly selective about who joins our team. In fact, we only hire one out of every 80 applicants, ensuring each live-in Caregiver not only brings a minimum of one year’s experience but also the commitment and skill we require.

Unique Senior Care Centre Of Excellence Award from Skills For Care - Logo
  • In-Depth Specialised Training: Our Caregivers undergo intensive training in critical areas like dementia care, first aid, and medication management. This specialised training ensures they are well-prepared to meet a wide range of care needs, from routine assistance to more complex care scenarios.
  • Commitment to Ongoing Learning: We place a strong emphasis on continuous professional development. Our Caregivers regularly take part in learning opportunities to keep abreast of the latest care techniques and standards. This ongoing education means they're equipped to deliver the best quality care at home.
  • Recognised Excellence: Our dedication to high-quality training is evident through our achievements. In 2021 we won the Princess Royal Training Award and, in 2022 we were recognised by Skills for Care as a Centre of Excellence. These accolades reflect our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in Caregiver training and development.

What is the Difference Between 24-Hour Live-In Care and Residential Care?

Understanding the differences between home care and residential care is essential when putting care in place. It's essential to make an informed decision based on individual preferences and levels of care your loved one needs.

Care is provided in the individual's own home. Care is provided in a residential setting with private units.
One-on-one assistance tailored to individual needs and preferences. Group-oriented care with access to communal activities.
Supports a high level of personal independence and routine. Offers a semi-independent lifestyle with community interaction.
Maintains a familiar environment, enhancing emotional well-being. Involves adjusting to a new, shared living environment.
Direct family involvement in daily care and decisions. Structured family involvement and visiting schedules.

How 24-Hour Live-in Care works


We carefully identify the right carer for you.


You remain in the comfort of your own home.


Your carer will help with getting out and about.


You benefit from around the clock support.


As much or little care as you require.


Your family and friends visit as before.


Our carer becomes more like a friend.


You provide a bedroom for the carer to rest and sleep.

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What Care Services are Offered in Dorset?

Aside from home care, there are multiple other care services available across Dorset to explore. Understanding the full range of support available is crucial in making an informed decision.

Types of Care Services Offered in Dorset

  • Home Care Packages: These offer a highly personalised approach to care,  in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.
  • Day Care: This is ideal for individuals who need some support during the day but reside at home, offering activities and social opportunities.
  • Residential Care: For those who require constant care, care home facilities offer comprehensive support within a communal living environment.
  • Specialised Care Options: Focusing on specific needs such as dementia or palliative care, these services offer specialised support tailored to individual conditions.

Navigating Live-In Home Care in Dorset

How to Arrange a Quality Care Service in Dorset?

No matter where you are in Dorset, arranging the best quality live-in care involves taking a few key steps to ensure that the care provided is perfectly suited to your needs:

  • 1

    Initial Enquiry:

    Reach out to a trusted care company like Unique Senior Care. Our client services team will be your first point of contact to discuss the support you need and answer any questions about the care available to you.

  • 2


    A dedicated care manager will conduct a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences when it comes to 24-hour live-in care. This is your chance to ask questions about live-in support that you may have.

  • 3

    Carer Matching:

    Based on your personality and requirements, we'll match you with a carer who is well-suited to provide the best possible care and companionship.

  • 4

    Tailored Care Plan:

    A custom plan will be created, considering all the details gathered during the consultation.

  • 5

    Home Visit and Implementation:

    The care manager will arrange a home visit to finalise the plan, followed by an introduction of the chosen carer and the commencement of care.

What is the Role of a Care Agency in Live-in Care at Home?

When choosing a care company regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), you can expect a comprehensive and professional approach to managing live-in domiciliary care.

Staff Recruitment and Management: The agency is responsible for hiring competent and well-trained carers. This includes thorough vetting, continuous training, and effective management of staff to ensure they meet the high standards required for quality care.

Quality Monitoring and Care Assessments: Regular assessments are conducted to monitor and maintain the level and standard of care provided. This ensures that the care delivered consistently meets both regulatory standards and the specific needs of clients.

Administrative Oversight: The agency handles all administrative aspects of care. This includes managing schedules, overseeing payments, and making necessary adjustments to care plans as required.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Adhering to CQC standards, the agency ensures all aspects of care comply with the latest regulatory requirements. This includes maintaining high standards in care provision, safety protocols, and overall service quality.

Emergency and Contingency Planning: A CQC-regulated agency will have robust procedures in place to handle any emergencies or unexpected situations. This ensures continuous, uninterrupted care even in challenging circumstances.

From the very first contact with Unique Senior Care, and throughout the entire relationship, they went out of their way to be as supportive and as helpful as possible. They ensured that they truly got to know my father and assigned carers who would be a great fit for him. Nothing was too much trouble - they often went above and beyond to ensure his needs were met. And when I managed to take a break, they ensured I was kept informed as to how he was throughout. A wonderful company with wonderful people - I would have no hesitation in using again, if ever needed. - RM, (Son of a client)

Choosing the right care live-in care provider is a big decision for you and your family. It's essential you have peace of mind you're loved one is getting a tailored, high-quality live-in home care service.

We're here to support you throughout your care journey. Contact our dedicated team today to discuss how our live-in care works and any questions you have about the expert care you need in the comfort of your own home.

Local Resources for Support in Dorset

Explore these essential local resources in Dorset for additional support, advice, and community connections relevant to live-in care and beyond.

  • Dorset Council Adult Care and Support Services: Provides a comprehensive overview of adult care and support options in Dorset, including assessments, carer support, and details on care homes and community aid.
  • Age UK North South West Dorset: Offering a range of support and services specifically for older adults in the North, South, and West Dorset areas. Their services include day centres, information and advice, and activities for seniors.
  • Alzheimer's Society  - Provides a comprehensive list of support services including advice, support groups, and information on living with or caring for someone with dementia. Find support local to you you.
  • Mind Dorset: Mental health support including counselling and support groups in Dorset.
  • Carers Support Dorset: Offers assistance for carers in Dorset, including advice and respite services.
  • Rethink Dorset Carers Service: Offers specialist support for carers of those with mental health illnesses.
  • Access Mental Health Dorset: Provides various mental health support services and emergency help.

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