How Gardening Can Enrich Your Life

A lady wearing a green apron with grey hair holds a watering can. She waters a flower bed.

When warmer weather arrives, our thoughts turn to the garden! Gardening is one of Britain’s favourite outdoor leisure activities and can be incredibly rewarding. The following tips for modifying tools and gardening techniques can make all the difference for elderly individuals in particular:

  • Use the right tools.

    There are many lightweight hand tools with strong rubber handles and ergonomic designs that are easier on your hands and require less effort then heavy steel tools. Long handled or curved handled tools provide better grips and more leverage, too.

  • Use gardening gloves to protect your hands and provide extra cushioning.

    It is very important to protect your hands and prevent injuries when in the garden. Gloves with leather palms that protect your hands are great options when working with thorny plants and bushes.

  • Build raised beds to reduce the need to bend or kneel.

    The edges of raised beds can provide a place to sit while gardening.

  • Try container gardening for ease and accessibility.

    Containers can provide a variety of colourful and fragrant flowers, as well as delicious vegetables, and they are easier to manage than a garden.

  • Use shortcuts to make gardening easier.

    A great time saving trick is to replace annuals with bulbs and other perennials to give your garden colour with less effort each year.

  • Choose the best time to do certain tasks.

    Soil is softer after it rains, making it a good time to get outside and dig.

  • Add accessories to make lawn mowing easier.

    Use an oversized pull grip handle to make it easier to grasp the string for pull-start lawn mowers, trimmers and blowers. Adding some foam padding to lawnmower and power tool handles will also help to reduce the aches and pains from motor vibrations.

With a little bit of planning, you can reduce the effort it takes to start and maintain a bright and healthy garden. It’s not hard to enjoy flowers, plants and even vegetables in your garden, but try not tackle it all at once. Visit the Royal Horticultural Society for further information on “inspiring everyone to grow.”

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