Advice and tips on preparing and cooking simple meals for the elderly and how home care can help your loved one.

Cooking made simple for the elderly

Home help for the elderly

Cooking made simple for the elderly

Food is a big part of all our lives, and this is no exception when you get older. As we age, our metabolism slows down and requires fewer calories and due to medication or conditions it is more difficult to digest certain foods but we all still want healthy and good tasting meals. It is more convenient to buy frozen meals especially if living alone  but these meals are high in sugar and sodium which is more harmful to those with heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Be prepared
Cooking is great for the elderly, not only as it provides them with a tasty meal to tuck into, but all elements of the process benefit in one way or another too. Let’s start at the beginning: planning. Sitting down and working out which meals you want to eat for the week is a great way to keep mentally active and ensure that you’re eating a healthy diet. It will also make it a lot easier when writing out your shopping list as you’ll know exactly what you need. Once you have your list, you can go shopping! This is the perfect way to get out of the house for some gentle exercise, and is also a great way to socialise, and if you take your Caregiver with you, you’ll always be sure to have an extra pair of hands when you need them.

Remember to put frozen fruit and vegetables on the list as they last longer than fresh.  Avoid sticky food which might be difficult to chew and also food that contains bones.  If you have a sweet tooth make a smoothie to get your 5 a day and also easier to swallow.

Get Cooking
Now, it’s time to create something delicious – this can be done either daily with your Caregiver, or if they only visit a few times a week, then you can take full advantage of meal preparation, by cooking a few days’ worth of food at once, and then popping it in the fridge or freezer as necessary so it stays fresh. This will make it very easy to get yourself a nice, healthy lunch or dinner when your Caregiver isn’t there. To help make cooking even easier, simple cookbooks are available that will give you the basic recipes you need to create some tasty dishes to enjoy time and time again.

How we can help – If cooking is something that you feel would be beneficial for your loved ones and you feel they could do with some extra care in this area, Unique Senior Care are here to help. Not only do we have our easy-to-follow 5 things you didn’t know at-home care could be used for, but, as part of our Home Help, our Caregivers will easily be able to support you with all aspects of cooking too – from planning out your meals to shopping and then the most fun bit…cooking!

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