5 Things You Didn’t Know At-Home Care Involves

5 things you didn’t know at-home care involves

The phrase ‘at-home care’ might conjure up images of personal care, help with wake-up and bedtime routines and medication reminders. And although these can certainly be key parts of domiciliary care, it also encompasses so much more!

Here at Unique Senior Care, we are committed to helping our clients with whatever they need in order to continue living fulfilling lives at home, by supporting all areas of their day-to-day lives. Here are five aspects of at-home care which are lesser-known, but are still extremely important:

  1. Playing a board game

Many of our clients are simply looking for company and friendship, and companionship care is therefore a large part of our service offering. A companionship visit can include anything from playing a board game to doing some crafts, and from help with reading to simply having a cup of tea and a chat. Here at Unique Senior Care, we carefully match clients with Caregivers to ensure that they have common interests, helping them develop a meaningful relationship.

  1. Feeding pets

Dogs and other pets can offer significant health benefits to the elderly, such as companionship and emotional support. A beloved furry friend can be a major reason for wanting to have at-home care instead of moving to a residential care home. Here at Unique Senior Care, our Caregivers can help with walks, feeding and transport to veterinary appointments if required. These tasks can be integrated into your bespoke care plan. We help care for a number of our clients’ pets – including Tolly the tortoise.

  1. Making dinner

We want to support older people in managing all of the challenges of daily life, helping them maintain their independence. If they are struggling to make three nutritional meals a day, we can help with food preparation as part of our care visits. Our service can also provide support with other manual tasks, such as dusting or light cleaning.

  1. A trip to the theatre

We believe that limited mobility shouldn’t mean that elderly people miss out on social events. We can take clients to visit friends or relatives, or go on trips to the shops, theatre or the cinema – this forms an important part of our Companionship service. One of our Caregivers, Kerri, recently took client Dorothy, on an afternoon out at Stoneleigh Abbey tea rooms.

  1. Nail painting

Although it’s not a key service that we offer, we want all of our clients to feel special! One of our Coventry Caregivers, Jamie, recently enjoyed a trip with Margery to her favourite shop, Marks and Spencer. They came back with cake and nail polish – two of life’s essentials! Jamie then painted Margery’s nails for her.

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