The Positive Impact of a Career in Care


This You Can Care Week, we’re highlighting the essential role of Caregivers in our communities. Skills for Care’s 2023 report on The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England found there are more than 152,000 vacancies across adult social care. Without enough Caregivers we risk vulnerable people going without the care and support they need, which highlights just how important it is to recognise the amazing work they do.

As part of our commitment to putting ‘people above all else’, we regularly celebrate our colleagues and their achievements. We’re proud of our team’s dedication to integrity, support, and respect as they overcome today’s care challenges to provide the best care to our clients.

We’re excited to share their stories, which are as inspiring as they are essential, to shine a light on the impact they have and show how rewarding a career in care can be.

Leah’s Story

Leah Morys is a Caregiver at our Extra Care facility, Briar Croft. Having not experienced working in care before, she’s shared her personal story and how she found her footing in a sector that presents both challenges and tremendous rewards.

Leah’s personal experience of providing care began at home, where she helped look after her brother with additional needs. This helped Leah understand the needs of someone who requires extra support, and she realised that she really enjoyed helping other people. These are qualities she’s carried into her professional career.

Coming from a hospitality background, Leah, like many new Caregivers, did approach her career with some apprehension, particularly around personal care. However, once she overcame this, she quickly realised these tasks are just one small part of making clients comfortable and happy – not to mention helping to maintain their dignity. Leah said:

“Personal care seemed daunting at first, but it’s just one minor part of the role that helps a client to maintain their dignity. It has a stigma attached to it, but once you’ve done it, you realise it shouldn’t, as these tasks are probably ten minutes out of your day. You also have to remember that it can be just as, if not more uncomfortable for the client. At the end of the day, we just want them to feel respected and safe.”

One of Leah’s most touching experiences during her time in care involves a client who struggled with loneliness and finding motivation as her needs increased. Leah has provided much needed companionship and built an amazing bond with this lady, which has helped her to overcome her struggles. She added:

“There is a lady here who I have an amazing bond with. When I first started, she struggled to find the motivation to get out of bed each day. Since I’ve been visiting, the light is back in her eyes. Now she’s up and ready, is eating more, and feeling much happier in herself. Seeing her transformation has been amazing. It shows how much a little care and friendship can do.”

This example is a testament to how important the role of a Caregiver is. Compassionate, empathetic care can go such a long way to improving a person’s quality of life. But this improvement can go both ways. Leah also shares what a positive impact the role has had on her own wellbeing; she has found it’s given her a new purpose and helped motivate her to be the best version of herself.

“This job has helped me manage my emotions better, improved my sleep and eating habits, and just made me a happier person. I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person. I find I’m so bubbly all the time because I just love this job. It has done so much for me, and I’ve had so much support.”

The Role of a Carer

As a Caregiver, every day is engaging and full of life. From heart-warming morning chats over tea to sharing laughter while reminiscing with old photos or even popping to the shops, our work is all about creating those special, caring moments with our clients. Everything we do is filled with compassion and we try to make every interaction meaningful.

While caregiving involves practical tasks, it’s about much more than just helping out. We’re here to empower our clients, helping them make their own choices and maintain their independence. Whether it’s picking out clothes for the day or help with cooking nutritious meals, we make sure their opinion is valued and they feel in control.

The job is busy and lively, but each moment is a chance to make a difference. We take care with everything we do, from tidying up to giving medication, to keeping our clients’ homes safe and welcoming.

While the role is incredibly fulfilling, it’s not without its challenges. Caregivers may face emotional strain and physical demands, but having the right support in place means you don’t face these challenges alone. Even on the harder days, we’re driven by the knowledge that we’re improving our clients’ lives and bringing a little more brightness to each day for them.

The Impact of Caregiving

Being a Caregiver brings a host of different experiences and even the smallest of interactions can have a huge impact on someone’s day. Leah reflects:

“There are tough days, but overcoming these challenges is what makes the job fulfilling. Seeing your face brightens up a client’s day, and it really does make a difference for yourself too. It’s amazing to make someone your priority, to care for them, and to see their happiness at the end of the day.”

These words capture the essence of caregiving at Unique Senior Care – a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of our clients. But don’t just take our word for it, as our clients and their families have shared their experiences:

Tom Mason, nephew of a Solihull client, expresses gratitude for the support his family has received, highlighting the patience and understanding of the Unique Senior Care team. He says:

“I was recommended to Unique Senior Care and am so glad I was. My aunt has struggled with her health but was reluctant to have any help. The manager was really patient and put my aunt at ease straight away. Not only have they helped my aunt, but my grandad was struggling with his mobility and we didn’t know where to turn, he is not a client (yet) but they have helped me to get what he needs and nothing is too much trouble. Amazing help, support and company thank you for everything you do. I don’t know where we would be now without them.”

Rodney Hargreaves, husband of a client in Leamington Spa, commends the companionship and care provided by our caregivers, emphasising the importance of their visits for both his wife and himself. He shares:

“My wife has dementia and we use Unique care every morning and have companionships twice weekly. The carers are very good with my wife and always have banter, my wife loves the companionship calls which are important to her and myself. Please thank all coordinators and carers at Unique Leamington Spa.  The service they give is tremendous 👏👏👏.”

Elizabeth Reddy, daughter of a client with Alzheimer’s, acknowledges the dedication and rapport-building efforts of our caregivers. She attests to the positive impact they’ve had on her mother’s well-being and the peace of mind they’ve provided to their family. Elizabeth states:

“Unique Care looks after my mum who has Alzheimer’s. The carers go in 4 times a day and are great with her. I can see they have made every effort to form a good rapport with her and they communicate well with us as a family.”

These testimonials demonstrate how caregiving can make such a big difference. At Unique Senior Care, we try to positively impact our clients’ lives and their families, one compassionate connection at a time.

Joining the Care Sector

A career in care offers the chance to make a real, positive impact in people’s lives. The social care sector is diverse, offering roles that range from hands-on support to administrative tasks – each catering to a wide array of skills and interests. And with the sector growing rapidly, now is a great time to get involved.

Flexibility is one of the great things about working in care. Many organisations, Unique Senior Care included, offer flexible work arrangements. This means you can find a balance that works well for both your professional and personal life. Plus, there’s plenty of training and development to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to give high-quality care. We know just how crucial this training is, so we put a lot of resources into ensuring that ours is among the best. In fact, in 2021 we received the Princess Royal Training Award for our approach to training and we’re recognised as a Centre of Excellence through Skills for Care.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of a meaningful, challenging, and fulfilling role, the care sector could be your calling. Why not explore the possibilities and see where a career in care could take you?

“I work flexible hours and chose my working days to fit around other commitments. The management support me with anything. Both inside and outside working hours.” – Caregiver, Warwickshire

Considering a Career in Care?

Being a carer is truly rewarding. It’s a lifelong career where you become an integral part of the community, bringing smiles, comfort, and happiness to those in need. Every day, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact, not only to the individuals you care for but also on their families and the community as a whole.

If you’re considering a career in care, Unique Senior Care offers a supportive and inclusive environment where you can thrive. Our caregivers enjoy flexible work arrangements, comprehensive training, and ongoing support to help them provide the best possible care.

Join us in making a difference every day. Explore career opportunities with Unique Senior Care today by visiting our careers page or contacting our recruitment team at or 01789 453838.

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