Learning From Our Clients and Their Unique Experiences


At Unique Senior Care, our commitment to outstanding care means always seeking ways to improve what we offer to our clients, their families, and our dedicated caregivers.

A family’s perspective is really valuable in this journey. That’s why we were delighted to have Gary Strong, a treasured client and experienced paramedic, participate in part of our thorough three-day induction training recently. Gary’s personal and professional experiences in care provided valuable insights to help evolve our Caregivers’ training approach.

We place a lot of importance on our training and are recognised as a Centre of Excellence through Skills for Care – an organisation dedicated to enhancing the skills and professionalism of the adult social care workforce in the UK. This recognition as a Caregivers’ training provider reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality care and development opportunities.

Our induction program is an important part of our caregivers’ development. It covers a wide range of essential topics, from handling common illnesses and maintaining infection control to providing end-of-life care and essential first aid. The blend of theoretical learning and practical exercises, including engaging role-play and interactive activities, helps our caregivers fully understand and empathise with those they care for and keeps them up-to-date with the best practices in caregiving.

Gary’s Story



Gary is a paramedic by trade and now trains other professionals for the College of Paramedics, so he knows first-hand the challenges faced by those providing front-line care. His medical background, and vast training experience proved incredibly helpful in improving our learning and training processes, particularly in areas such as emergency response and patient empathy.

Gary’s own experience with caregiving started when his dad and younger sister, both dealing with ongoing health issues, needed a bit more help around the house. His dad had always cared for his sister, but as his own health needs began to change, they found themselves facing new challenges.

When Gary got in touch with us, we first had an initial chat to understand their needs. We then began helping with things like housekeeping and companionship, which is a good start for many families beginning their care journey. Gary’s dad, like many, was initially unsure about getting outside help. But our team, who are really big on respecting and upholding each person’s dignity and independence, approached things gently. They were there to help, not to take over. This respectful and sensitive way of doing things is something Gary has really appreciated.

Over the course of time, our Caregivers and Gary’s family grew to have a strong and trusting relationship. As the needs of Gary’s father began to increase, we were able to seamlessly adjust and expand the support we provided. Following the passing of his father, we are now honoured to continue our care for Gary’s sister, maintaining that trust and support that’s been built over time.

A Paramedic’s Perspective on our Caregivers’ Training


Gary taking part in our Unique Senior Care Caregivers training.


During the Caregivers’ training session, Gary took part in our module on administering medication. Gary and the team discussed some of the differences between a paramedic administering medication in an emergency situation and Caregivers supporting someone in a social care setting. He also shared some thoughts and observations gained from caring for people in their hour of need. Gary’s point of view reinforced how important medication safety is in all caregiving practices.

Speaking of his time with us, both professionally and personally, Gary said:

“Unique Senior Care offer a different perspective and a unique approach to caregiving. I’ve had a background in education and paramedicine for over 30 years, but attending the training session was a chance to see excellence in care from a different angle.

“The training was engaging and thorough, and it emphasised the significance of empathy in caregiving. It’s not just about tasks; it’s about building trust. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and what stands out for me is the importance of companionship and befriending in caregiving. Unique Senior Care understands the needs of people who might initially refuse care, and that’s what sets them apart.”

Our person-centred approach allows our Caregivers to better anticipate and meet the needs of those they care for. It also plays a crucial role in building trust and a deeper emotional connection which we’ve found to be especially important in situations where clients may feel vulnerable or apprehensive.

Collaborating With Our Clients to Continuously Improve

The insights and feedback we receive from our clients and their families so important. It is what allows us to continuously adapt and improve our services and helps tailor care to the individual needs of each person.

Speaking of the positive impact a family’s experiences can have on our training practices, Jo Cleary, our Learning and Development manager, said:

“While we regularly upskill with the best practices in every aspect of caregiving, it’s these real-life insights that make our training exceptional and our Caregivers outstanding. Learning from personal experiences enriches our Caregivers’ training, helping us better understand and care for each client with empathy and compassion.”

We’re deeply grateful to Gary and to all our clients who have kindly shared their views to help enhance the quality and depth of our care. We know that open discussions are key to maintaining and elevating the quality of our care so we encourage our clients, their families, and our Caregivers to keep sharing their experiences, thoughts, and suggestions with us.

If you have a story, insight, or feedback that could help us further improve our services, please reach out to us at marketing@uniquecare.co.uk. Every piece of feedback is a valuable step towards providing even better care and making a positive impact in people’s lives.

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