Benefits of Owning a Pet in Your Older Years

Benefits of owning a pet

Owning a dog or any type of pet, is a brilliant way to combat loneliness in the older generation. It can also offer significant health benefits. We highlight some of these benefits below:

  • Perfect company: talking to or stroking a dog is a valuable form of social interaction. It offers companionship to someone whose social group may have narrowed as they’ve got older.
  • Emotional support: owning a pet can help prevent common emotional problems associated with loneliness, such as anxiety and low self-esteem. Having an animal to care for and nurture gives an owner a purpose every day, and a sense of being needed.
  • Physical benefits: having an active pet means you’ll also be more physically active. You’ll feel benefits such as enhanced cardiovascular function.

Finding the right pet

For seniors who can’t commit to the needs of a dog, there are other pets which may be more suitable for them. Animals such as cats, small birds and hamsters will still provide owners with companionship, cuddles and a sense of purpose.

Ask at your local veterinarian or rescue centre for some advice on which animal would best suit your needs.

Can we still get home care if we have pets?

Having a furry friend doesn’t mean you can’t receive home care. All of our caregivers are fully DBS checked with strict references, to ensure that they can provide the perfect care for not only for you, but for your pets too.

We also spend time carefully matching our caregivers and our clients, so we’ll find someone who will love your four-legged friend as much as you do.

For more information about our home care services, you can contact us on 01789 20 40 40 or read about our services here.

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