Forging new friendships amidst the loneliness of lockdown

Loneliness and social isolation are symptoms of the Covid-19 pandemic that sadly many of us are all too familiar with.  In fact a recent analysis, conducted by The Office of National Statistics, discovered that the equivalent of 7.4 million people said their well-being was affected through feeling lonely during the first month of lockdown alone.

Whilst social distancing continues to be important in staying safe, it is also extremely testing, especially for older people who are already vulnerable to being acutely lonely.  When people’s ability to have meaningful conversations and interactions is inhibited, loneliness can soon follow, which is why connection and friendship is so important to helping people cope and overcome these feelings.

But, amid this backdrop of isolation, an extraordinary new friendship has been forged.

James, just four years old, wrote a letter to Unique Senior Care Solihull, in the hope it would help make someone feel a little less lonely.  The letter was promptly passed to 93-year-old Marjorie, one of our wonderful clients, via her Caregiver who visits Marjorie every day.

To James great delight Marjorie replied and now the friendship, regardless of its nearly 90-year gap, has gone from strength to strength and has given Marjorie a much-needed link to the outside world. News of the loneliness-busting friendship even made its way to the Coventry Telegraph.

If you are concerned about a relative being lonely, and can’t see them as often as you would like due to location or work commitments, then our Companionship Care Service can help.

Our fantastic Caregivers develop friendships through having a chat, someone to enjoy lunch with, or to play a board game. The value of being able to have a natter with someone – be it about the weather, books, or reminiscing about the past – should never be underestimated.

If you’d like to talk to us and have an informal chat about our services, just give us a call on 01789 204040 or email us at

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