Keeping Warm this Winter

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Some top tips on keeping warm

When winter arrives and temperatures drop, keeping warm sounds like such an easy thing to do. Well, not necessarily. Keeping warm, especially for older people, is crucial to keeping safe over the autumn and winter months and with heating costs a growing concern, it is easy to turn a blind eye to the odd shiver. Some top tips for staying warm include:

1. Layering your clothing: sure way to keep warm is to wear several layers of thinner clothing as it helps to keep warm air close to your body. That’s not to say that your favourite wool jumper is useless, though. In fact, wearing woollen, cotton and fleecy fabrics is best.

2. Who says you can’t wear a hat inside? For extra warmth, scarves, gloves and hats do their job inside as well as out if you are feeling particularly chilly. Alternatively, a blanket, shawl or a hot water bottle will do a good job too.

3. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your house warm. The room in which you spend the majority of your time should be between 18ºC and 21ºC, whilst the rest of your house should be around 16ºC.

4. Whilst you may have the windows open during the warmer months, this is one of the key losses of heat within the home, so keeping them closed when it’s cold goes without saying.

5. Closing your curtains when it gets dark is also another easy and effective way to prevent heat loss.

6. Hot water bottles or electric blankets are great for keeping you warm at bedtime.

7. Finally, having hot meals and drinks throughout the day should keep the shivers away. This really isn’t too hard a task. Who doesn’t like a good cup of hot tea after all?

If you have questions or would like further advice about staying healthy and safe, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. AgeUK also has some great resources and information available.

Make sure to also visit the goverment website and check whether you are eligible for £150 off your electricity bill for winter 2022 to 2023 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

If you are interested in arranging at-home care for a loved one, get in touch to discuss your needs further!

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