Have You Considered Respite Care?

Family members often feel guilty about leaving their loved ones in the care of someone else. This is more evident when elderly relatives used to come along on family holidays, but are no longer able. This is relevant for both full-time carers and family members who help with errands such as food shopping. But it is important to take time to look after your own wellbeing – and that’s where we can help!

What is respite care?

Respite care is where a professional carer or care home steps in to look after your loved one while you take a break. This isn’t just an option for summer holidays: it can be used when unexpected circumstances arise, such as carer illness, family commitments, or if you just need a breather.

Here at Unique Care, we provide one-on-one at-home respite care for seniors, allowing you to take the break you need whilst being safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being cared for in their home by trained, qualified and caring professionals. The types of care we can provide are listed below.

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What are the benefits of respite care?

Respite care will allow you to recharge your batteries. And while you’re away, having the peace of mind that your elderly relative is being looked after by dedicated professionals will help you to fully relax.

Plus, respite care also offers a host of benefits for the person who is being cared for. Even if it’s just companionship visits, your loved one’s mind will be kept active by meeting new people and having a slightly varied routine, instead of simply waiting for you to return from your holiday. It is also a good way of trying out in-home care services, giving your elderly relative a sense of what visiting care involves, in case you need to use it more regularly in the future.

What types of care can be provided?

With Unique Care, we tailor your respite care to your individual needs. We will mirror the current care that is in place – whether it’s round-the-clock assistance, regular homecare support or occasional companionship visits.

Our trained carers will step into your shoes, doing all of the things you usually would, for example:

• Assistance with dressing
• Providing medication reminders
• Cooking meals
• General housekeeping, such as cleaning or laundry
• Companionship
• Food shopping
• Assistance with wake-up and bedtime routines
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How long is a respite break?

Here at Unique Care, we want to ensure you can take a break, whilst being confident in the knowledge that your loved one is in safe and professional hands.

Whether you are thinking of having a weekend away or a longer trip, contact us for a chat and see how we can help!

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