The Power of Art with Dementia Patients

Two split images: Pat sits smiling in an armchair, wearing a pink cardigan and presenting her flower painting. The right image shows a painted cut out of a butterfly with a sheet of colourful smaller butterflies.

Creative activities are great for everyone, but activities such as painting, colouring, completing jigsaws and singing can have an especially positive impact on those with Dementia.

Dementia can cause memory loss, difficulty communicating and problems with movement amongst many other things. It can be very challenging and distressing for people navigating life with Dementia. One of the many ways in which our Memory Support Officer Rosie Lee supports our clients is through vibrant activities and workshops including the arts.

Key Benefits


Mood Boosting

The satisfaction of completing a creative project and the stimulation of different mediums, textures and colours brings a smile to people’s faces. Unique Senior Care staff love to see their client’s creations on the walls. A recent arts workshop concluded with the client’s beautiful pieces being displayed in the lobby of one of our extra care sites, Tithe Lodge in Warwickshire. Pat (pictured above) along with Olive, Joan, Brian, Betty, Mo, Deidre and Heather had a great time at the creative session! With thanks to Creative Mojo for the workshop.

“It’s been really stimulating.” Brian

Improving Memory

By sketching, drawing or working on a jigsaw, this can sharpen memory skills. Creating imagery from memory or copying from somewhere, involves a process called ‘conceptual visualisation’ which is stimulating for the brain. Handling paintbrushes and colouring pencils can improve hand-eye coordination and flexibility. Subsequently, it gives patients the control and choice to select their own artistic tools when they are creating.

Creative Expression

Art can be a powerful communication tool. Clients are able to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings in a nonverbal way. They may be able to talk about their creations and the process behind them with their Caregiver and other creators.

“We should do this more often!” Mo

Recently, Rosie also ran an ‘Arts and Dementia’ session in partnership with Arts and Dementia Warwickshire. Unique Senior Care client Brenda and her husband really enjoyed the session. It involved storytelling and chatting.

Keep an eye out for a new group, set up to train and upskill “Dementia Champions”. In line with our company vision, Rosie and a local team will be out in the community, supporting our clients with Dementia.

To learn more about how Unique Senior Care can support your loved ones with Dementia click here.

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