Unique Senior Care recognised as a 5 Star Employer by WorkBuzz

Unique Senior Care recognised as a 5 Star Employer by WorkBuzz

Here at Unique Senior Care we are thrilled to have been recognised as a 5 Star Employer by WorkBuzz, based on feedback from our employees.

We know that what makes the care provided by Unique Senior Care outstanding is the people who deliver it every day, and that’s why our ethos and motto is ‘people above all else’. Every day we work tirelessly to live this vision because for our clients to be supported by happy, skilled and motivated Caregivers, we have to be the best care company to work for.

Rather than assuming we are a great place to work, we make a point of getting independent feedback every year from our Caregivers and Key Players. In June all of our staff were invited to provide confidential feedback about their experience working with us, covering everything from our training and development programmes; the relationship with their manager and their day-to-day responsibilities.

Over 85% of our staff completed the survey, and the results, verified independently by WorkBuzz, gave us a 5 Star Employer award which shows that the commitment we have to our staff is recognised throughout the company.

Steven Frost, CEO of WorkBuzz

“The biggest challenge facing many organisations is recruiting and retaining the best talent. We would like to congratulate Unique Senior Care for its high levels of employee engagement. Its positive culture means that most employees are proud to work there, would choose to stay even if they were offered a similar job elsewhere, and are highly motivated.”

Philip Maundrill, Director and owner of Unique Senior Care

“It is fantastic news for us to have been recognised as a 5 Star Employer, and we owe a big thank you to all of our staff for everything they do to make us such a great place to work. We are also really pleased with all of the feedback that we have been given through this project, both to tell us what we are doing well and where we can strive to be even better this year and beyond!”

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