Helping elderly relatives feel part of New Year celebrations

Loneliness at any age is an upsetting issue and one which can have serious health ramifications. Older people are especially vulnerable to isolation, and this is particularly evident during the Christmas and new year period, a time characterised by social events, family meet-ups and general togetherness. According to Age UK, nearly a million older people feel lonelier at this time.

But there are things we can do to make sure our elderly relatives feel a part of the new year excitement…

Help them throw a mini party

Older relatives might feel left out of family New Year’s Eve get-togethers, so why not bring the party to them? Helping them decorate and put together fun canapés will not only make them feel important, but you can also spend quality time together as you do so. You could also make alternative ‘cocktails’ for the midnight toast – for attendees who may no longer drink alcohol. Giving older family members a New Year’s Eve to remember will lift their spirits at this cold and gloomy time of year.

Include them in new year’s activities

If your older relatives don’t want to stay up till midnight, why not throw a morning New Year’s Eve party for them so they don’t miss out? Other ways to help the older generation enjoy the occasion include playing games as a family, and reminiscing about the past year with photos. You could also choose some family new year’s resolutions together so elderly relatives can keep up to date with their grandchildren’s hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Take them to visit friends

Our brains thrive on social interaction – having a strong network of family and friends makes us feel supported and valued. This becomes more apparent as our social groups shrink as we get older. If your relative is no longer able to drive, why not arrange to take them to visit a friend and have tea and cake? This will make the world of difference to their spirits, and will be a brilliant start to 2019!

Companionship during the winter

Here at Unique Senior Care, we believe that helping the older generation feel part of new year’s celebrations is really important. Companionship Care is a key part of our service offering, and this can be especially valuable at this time of year. Our Caregivers are there to develop a friendship with whomever they are looking after – they are there to talk to, have lunch with, or play a board game with. If you are interested in arranging Companionship Care for a loved one, please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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