Introducing the Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café

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We are so excited to share the wonderful news about the launch of The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café, which took place on 11 June at Dorridge Methodist Church, Mill Lane, Solihull. It was a lovely ‘get to know you’ session, where we introduced this new initiative to the community. It was heartwarming to see so many new and familiar faces, all eager to learn more about what the café has to offer.

One of the highlights of the launch event was a fun quiz that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great ice-breaker and helped set the tone for the engaging and friendly environment that we aim to create each week. The quiz sparked laughter and conversation, helping to break down barriers and allowing attendees to feel comfortable and welcome.


Meet Lyn and Marian


Lyn, coordinator of the Knowle and Dorridge memory cafe

The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café is led by two amazing and dedicated individuals, Lyn and Marian. Their experience and passion for caring truly shines through in everything they do.

Lyn has been a nurse for over 40 years, and even in retirement, she missed the daily interactions and fulfilment of caring for patients. With extensive experience in caring for people with dementia, both professionally and personally, Lyn believes the café will thrive on mutual support, education, and plenty of fun. Her hands-on approach and compassionate nature ensure that each session is enriching and supportive for everyone involved.



Marian, coordinator of the Knowle and Dorridge memory cafe


Marian began her nursing career in 1981 and has specialised in mental health and epilepsy. She worked on 

various wards and spent 22 years as a specialist nurse in epilepsy at the Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital. Marian has also experienced dementia both professionally and personally, having cared for both of her parents. Her wealth of experience in managing complex health issues and her personal connection to dementia make her a valuable asset to the café, providing insightful guidance and empathetic support.


What to Expect at The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café


Attendees at the memory cafe sat around a table laughingThe Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café is designed to be a safe and welcoming space where people from the community can enjoy a variety of activities, socialise, and find helpful information and resources. The café will be open every Tuesday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Each week, there will be a range of activities, from art and painting sessions to singing and dancing. These activities are aimed at stimulating and engaging those living with dementia. Art and painting sessions allow attendees to express themselves creatively, while singing and dancing sessions provide physical activity and enjoyment, promoting both mental and physical health.

In addition to these activities, there will also be visits from professional organisations to provide support and advice, ensuring attendees have access to valuable resources. These organisations will offer workshops, informational sessions, and personalised advice to address specific concerns.


Join The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café as a Volunteer or Collaborator


Two assistants from tesco stood pouring drinks at the Knowle and Dorridge memory cafe

The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café is also on the lookout for people who can sing, play an instrument, paint, draw, or host games. Your talents can help create a variety of fun and engaging activities for members. Friendly and caring volunteers are also crucial to support these activities and ensure they run smoothly. Volunteers play a key role in creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere, offering companionship, and assisting with the various activities.

As well as working alongside caring volunteers, the café would love to collaborate with local schools. If you’re a teacher or administrator interested in partnering, please get in touch. Intergenerational activities bring immense benefits to both the young and the elderly. Collaborations with schools can include joint art projects, music performances, and storytelling sessions, fostering mutual understanding and respect between generations.

Volunteering at the café is not just about giving; it’s also about learning and growing. Volunteers often find that they develop new skills and perspectives through their interactions with members and other volunteers. It’s a mutually enriching experience that strengthens the fabric of our community.


The Benefits of a Memory Café


Attendees at the knowle and dorridge memory cafeMemory cafés like The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café offer significant benefits to those living with dementia and their carers. They provide a supportive environment where people can share experiences, gain emotional support, and participate in activities that help maintain cognitive function. Socialising in a relaxed setting can improve mood and reduce feelings of isolation for both those with dementia and their carers.

For carers, attending the café provides an opportunity to connect with others who understand the challenges they face. It offers a break from the daily routine and a chance to relax and recharge in a supportive community. Carers can also benefit from the resources and advice provided by visiting professionals, helping them to better care for their loved ones.

Engaging in regular activities at the café helps stimulate cognitive function, which can slow the progression of dementia symptoms. Activities are designed to be enjoyable and accessible, ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit from them. The café also offers a sense of routine and stability, which is particularly beneficial for those with dementia.


Leaflets titled 'caring for a person with dementia' placed on table


There is great anticipation for the positive impact The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café will have on the community. Marian, Lyn and the amazing volunteers who help run the café look forward to welcoming more members in the coming weeks and months. Together, they aim to create a vibrant, supportive, and fun environment for everyone involved. By joining The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café, you become part of a caring community that values connection, creativity, and compassion.



Whether you are someone living with dementia, a carer, a volunteer, or a community partner, your involvement in The Knowle and Dorridge Memory Café can make a significant difference. The Memory Café will take place at Dorridge Methodist Church, Mill Lane, Solihull, B93 8NY.

If you’d like any further information or would like to get involved, please contact Karen Wilkinson on or 07974 263742.


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